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Working Dog Training Programs

Gun Dog Training Program

Includes :

  • On and off lead obedience training
  • Field obedience - (come back swing to your side and sit),
  • Mouth Work - or force fetch - We teach your dog to deliver the retrieves to you hand. 
  • Steadiness - your dog stays at your side until you release them..
  •  Marking singles up about 100 yards.
    •  Why do we emphasize on marking for young dogs? The marking training teaches a dog not just to use their nose, but to box off areas to hunt productively for retrieves.  The marking training also teaches your dog to push over & through different terrains & hunting scenarios to find a retrieve.     
  • Your dog will be ready to hunt over.


 Advanced Gun Dog Training

The Advanced gun dog training is for the dogs that have already been through the gun dog training above.  We will teach your dog handling (aka Directional Casting).  In the advanced gun dog training program your dog learns more than just taking hand casts. They learn the concepts of running a blind. Your dog will also learn more advanced marking concepts. Your working retriever will be able to run a blind in the duck blind.  


Tune Up Before the Hunting Season

If you dog has already been through our program(s).  Right before the hunting season we provide tune up training.

What’s the purpose of a tune up?

  • Helps condition dogs by getting them back into physical shape and build up their stamina & endurance so they can hunt more productively.
  • Marking them out again. The first thing to slip is marking distance and accuracy.  We will stretch out their marking and help improve their accuracy.
  • Tune up their field obedience and show them birds again – this helps settle your dog down a little prior to their first day of your hunting trip.


Continuance of Advanced/Hunt Test Competition

The majority of dogs we train never see a hunt test, however if you are interested in competing your dog and your dog is capable this is an option for you. For competition dogs we will run them in Junior/Started while they are going through our Advanced Gun Dog Training. After they have learned to handle then we start competing them in Senior/Seasoned Hunt test. During hunt test season they will be learning advanced hunt test training while competing. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.   Hunt tests are a way for dogs to advance their training.


Already have a puppy?

From the time you bring your puppy home there is a lot you can be doing to help bring out your puppy’s retrieving style and desire. Bring out your retriever's retrieving desire is just as important as formal training. Need ideas on how to build up your puppy’s desire & style? I have written an article called “Raising a Working Retriever”. Just contact me & I will be happy to send you a copy.

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