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Obedience and Working Dog Training Texas

Welcome to Cross Creek Kennel.  Our Goal is to provide you with the gun dog for your hunting needs.  hunting dog training texas dallas, bird dog training texas, hunting dog training texas houston, obedience Pet trainingWe specialize in hunting dog training for any type of working retriever.  Whether you are wanting a hunting dog, family dog, or hunting / competition dog. We provide the right dog training program. Our Dog Training facility is located near Crockett, Texas.  Crockett is about halfway between Houston and Dallas.  We train dogs from all over the Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  Please visit our contact page to see a Map.

We provide various types of dog training services: 

  • Basic Gun Dog Training
  • Obedience Training (non-hunting dogs)
  • Advanced Gun Dog Training
  • Continuance of Advanced/Hunt Test Competition 

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale Texas

Please check out our Labrador Retriever puppies and Litter Page for more information on current and upcoming Hunting Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. With many years of experience bird dog training and breeding Labrador retriever, we want to provide you with your next hunting partner, hunt test competition dog, or family pet. Our Labrador retriever puppies are versatile in all aspects. My puppies go to all types of homes. 

Already have a retriever puppy?

Do you already own a puppy? There is a lot you can be doing to help bring out your puppy's retrieving style and desire starting from the time he arrives home.  Contact us and I will send you a "Raising a Working Retriever" article.



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