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labrador retriever puppies for sale near huntsville texas

Sire: Bakbay Supernova MH QA2

Name: Tuco
Hips:LR-207358E26M-VPI - Excellent
Eyes: LR-EYE/35M-VPI(12,13,14)
CNM: Clear
EIC: LR-EIC2377/1M-VPI - Clear

labrador retriever puppies for sale near palestine texas

Dam: CrossCreeks Chillin Under the Palapa

Name: Shady
Weight:54 lbs
Hips: LR-222612G26F (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-EYE8060/14F (Clear)
CNM: Clear
EIC: Clear

More Information:

All Black Litter Born February 15, 2020--SOLD

SOLD Price $800

Labrador retriever puppies near me
Labrador retriever puppies near me
Labrador retriever puppies near me
Labrador retriever puppies near me


Bakbay Supernova MH QA2 FC Blackwater's Last Resort ( YLW ) FC AFC Blackwater Rudy MH ( BLK ) FC AFC Blackwater Bart II ( BLK )
Little Misty Of Tulsa QAA ( BLK )
Dancin Dreamer Kate MH ( BLK ) FC-AFC Dare to Dream ( BLK )
HRCH Tanks Alot for the Dance MH ( BLK )
HRCH UH Bakbay Lunar Eclipse MH ( YLW ) CH MACH PACH2 Prospect's Slam Dunk UD RE MH MXP9 MJP6 PAX2 ( YLW ) CH Marshland Bakela ( YLW )
Prospects Lollapalooza CD JH ( YLW )
HRCH UH Bakbay Full Moon Rising MH NAJ ( YLW ) FC AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James ( YLW )
Bakbay Honolulu Lulu MH ( BLK )
CrossCreeks Chillin Under the Palapa HRCH Cross Creek's Hero or Zero SH FC Candlewoods Man in Black ( BLK ) FC Candlewoods Autumn Run Vince (BLK)
FC AFC Candlewood's Rita Reynolds (BLK)
HRCH Revitt Up Sugar Star MH ( BLK ) 03 NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton (BLK)
Dakota's Sugarfoot QAA ( BLK )
Nabors' Lady JH Twin Rivers Cold One MH QAA ( BLK ) FC AFC CAFC Chena River Chavez ( BLK )
Trumarc's Hot River Bonnie ( BLK )
Texas Two Steppers Grand Dutches ( BLK ) FC-AFC Texas WB Cocky Two Stepper (2007 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Cypress Creek's Grande Lady JH ( BLK )

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Hunting Title Explanations: What do all the titles mean?

 Below is an overview of just some of the HUNTING titles you may see in any of the pedigrees. NOTE: This is a BRIEF overview of the titles. After each explanation a link will be introduced to help you find out more detailed information about the titles.

  • AKC Field Trials
  • AKC Hunt Tests
  • UKC Hunt Tests
  • NAHRA Hunt Tests
  • APLA Titles (pointing Labs)
  • Other Titles

American Kennel Club (Field Trials) Title Explanations

 Field trials are much different then hunt test in that all the dogs are competing against each other in a test. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place & JAMs are awarded.) And it's also point based.

There are 2 categories of Field Trials OPEN & AMATEUR


OPEN Titles  


Non-Titles, but will see at the end of names at times QAA or *** - Qualified - All - Age -- A dog has passed enough qualifying (and has points) to compete in the OPEN or AMATEUR Trials To Find out more about the AKC Field Trials please Visit American Kennel Club


American Kennel Club (Hunt Test) Title Explanations

 Note: Some dog will run the Master National & you may see this title (MNR). This is a major accomplishment and is awarded by the Master National Retriever Club to dogs that have passed the Master National 2 times. This is a "club" title and not part of a dog's pedigree. For more information please visit If you want to find out more about the American Kennel Club Hunt tests? Visit American Kennel Club


United Kennel Club (Hunting Retriever Club) Title Explanations

UKC Bases has a points based system. Along with specific levels of tests. This is why you may see "Honorable 500 points club" at the top of some dog's pedigree page.

Want to find out more about the United Kennel Club (Hunting Retriever club) Visit United Kennel Club OR Hunting Retriever Club



To find out more about NAHRA, please visit


American Pointing Labrador Assoc. (APLA titles)

 Other Working Retriever Titles you may see

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