Crockett, TX


Our Dog Training Facility

Cross Creek Kennel's main facility is on our thirty acre property, but have access to over a thousand acres, spit between several properties (owned by others).  Our training facility consists of twenty five kennels for the dogs in training. 

Unlike many of the bigger facilities, we are a smaller facility in which Matt Larkin is the main trainer.  You are getting his   years experience with each dog. 


As of May 2022, we have enclosed our main kennel. 

It is insulated and can be temperature controlled on hot or cold days.


On average temperature days we will open the windows and have fans that circulate air.  One cold days or hot days, we can will up the kennel and keep the dogs at a comfortable temperature.


Please excuse our mess, we are still getting all the final touches done and will provide more updated pictures in the future.


sporting dog training ponds


Visit our Facebook page for progress pictures.


Below are some pictures of our various technical ponds on our property.

sporting dog training ponds
retriever training grounds
Hunting dog training
water t pond

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