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Hunt Test Training and Information

During the Fall and Spring seasons, we participate in American Kennel Club  and Hunting Retriever Club (UKC) sponsored Hunt Tests.  The tests give your dog opportunity to further their education and compete against other dogs of equal level.  The reward is champion points and a title addition to their name.  Hunt tests are also a way to keep your dog at the top of their game during the hunting off season. Plus, they are down right fun.  Where else can you go to meet people that love their dogs and love the sport of hunting.  If you are interested to know what a hunt test is all about, then go to one.  They are open to the public.  You can contact a club member of the one of the clubs to get directions to the hunt test.  Or contact us and we will find out who you need to contact.  A hunt test is an all day event, so bring snacks, dress for the weather, and don't wear white.  

If your dog is competing, please go to the "trial results" page to find out how they preformed.  Results will be updated the Monday after each test. Hunt tests run in the Fall & Spring of each year.

You may also visit the Hunting Retriever Club to find more Retriever Clubs in your area.  or (AKC site)

So What exactly is a hunt test? Click here to find out.

Hunt Test Schedule

Hunt Test

 Below are photos of our Hunting Retriever Champions (HRCH) and above that we trained over the years.

  • ajamss
  • allie
  • bama
  • blitz
  • blondie
  • chubby
  • colt
  • crash
  • Dee
  • dillion
  • elwood
  • emmy
  • gator
  • harley
  • hud
  • kassie
  • keeper
  • kicker
  • lacie
  • max
  • mojo
  • parker
  • rascal
  • red
  • roscoe
  • slim
  • rudder
  • Luke
  • Tracee
  • ziva
  • Chru
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